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Slains Castle, a remote castle in the north of Scotland with shadowy links to Bram Stoker and Dracula. A castle with secrets. Big secrets...

Secrets now revealed in a series of extraordinary stories. Although reading like a thriller, Slains Castle's Secret History is not fiction. Everything in this book actually happened. 


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'An extraordinary set of stories lie within these pages. Churchill visited as did Johnson and Boswell. The cutting off of the heads of dead Danes, an epic story of religious strife and a shambolic plan to surrender Scotland to the Spanish Crown inhabit this book.'


Duncan Harley, Aberdeen Voice. 


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The year: 1895. The place: a remote Scottish fishing village. Bram Stoker is feverishly penning his cadaverous tale of vampire horror as his family look on aghast. 

Family memories, maps, photographs and newly-opened archives provide the untold story of how Dracula came to be written. Long untold and now never to be forgotten, this is the tale of a book that shocked the world, a book that would make the brave shudder… 


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When Brave Men Shudder: The Scottish origins of Dracula: Shepherd, Mike, Stoker, Dacre: 9781907954696: Books

'Mike is the first to investigate Bram Stoker's time in Cruden Bay in detail.' The Press and Journal.

This 'extraordinarily well researched study definitely belongs on the bookshelves of all people who are interested in Stoker and his most famous work.' Carol Senf, Victorian Popular Fiction Journal.



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The North Sea oil industry forms a crucial chapter in Scottish history. Written by an industry insider, a combination of lightly technical explanation and anecdotal accounts explore the process of developing new oil fields and oil production. A poignantly human perspective of a lucrative and challenging industry, Mike highlights the importance of the reserves to a nation, and the impact of t oil on the men and women of the local community in the north of Scotland.

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Oil Strike North Sea: A First-Hand History of North Sea Oil: Mike Shepherd: 9781910745687: Books

'Shepherd tells an extraordinary story in plain words without talking down to the reader. The result is a rattling good yarn.' Jonathan Wills, Scottish Review of Books

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